SIGnature Creations by Astrid 


All about tutus!

Not quite sure what length to get?  How about colors or whether to add a bow or daisy?  It is all about preference & the look you are going for.  Do you want a long tutu or a short & poofy tutu?  Here are some guidelines to give you an idea. 

Tutus above the knee in typical tutu fashion should be around 6" if younger than 6 months old, 8" if younger than 18 months & 10" if under 3 years old.

Tutus at the knee should be around 8" if younger than 18 months & 12" if under 3 years old.

Tutus below the knee should be around 10" if younger than 18 months & 14" if under 3 years old.

PLEASE remember that these are estimates.  If you would like an exact measurement (which I can accomodate), you will need to measure your special girl from the waist to the knee & decide your own length. 

Bows & Daisies ~ This is a great way to make that tutu extra special!  Both bows & daisies can be worn in the hair since they are attached to an alligator clip rather than being glued on directly to the tutu.  This is like a little "bonus".

Colors ~ This is really a personal preference.  I have found that solid tutus can be very pretty if a daisy is added as well as satin ribbon (Super Sassy Tutu) rather than just being solid all alone.  Combining colors is very pretty & can be done to match a shirt or even a birthday theme.  I think for professional pictures, solid tutus would probably be best.  Again, just my opinion!

My personal experience w/ tutus!

Sofi & Gabi are about 32" long.  Yep, they are some tall little girls.  With that being said, their tutus are 10" in length & hit right at the knee.  I found that they did well w/ them since they are both walking but when Gabi was crawling, the tulle would get caught up.  They turn out really pretty in the pictures though.  The girls wore these tutus for 2 days & they still look good.  They endured a 3 hour birthday party.  No problems what so ever w/ the girls keeping them on or itching or rashes.